Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My game house-The Rat Palace Redux-Gettin' It Ready For Saturday's NaW Game

I've got the Rat Palace into playing shape finally. Here's a quick set of shots of the Quatre Bra-ish table we're playing on this Saturday.  8x6. I've got another 6x4 under the table (visible) if we need to expand. I can expand the table comfortably up to 16x6 and still move around.

The stream is fordable in one place plus the bridge. Looks like it will be a "hard morning".

One of my favorite Brits oversees the British reserve entry point.  Thanks Clay Smith for the poster!!!

I've got 16' of mirrored display cabinets. I'm slowly deciding what to put in them.  My 54mm AWI collection is pictured.  The little lumps are my Napoleon at War British and Brunswickers. I've got two large hutches and a lawyer's bookcase to fill. I've definitely got the figures to fill them.
I'm stoked to have my game house and feel good enough to have people over.  I'll post an AAR on Saturday evening. Keep checking back or if you're in the DFW area, get your lazy butt down here and roll some bones with us! You're always welcome!

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  1. I'd love to help you "christen" your new game room, Steve . . . but I'm a couple of thousand miles away . . . so I'll have to settle with having to wish you a great first game . . . and may it be the first of a myriad such games.

    -- Jeff