Monday, March 3, 2014

Two Great Napoleon at War Games Today at the Rat Palace Redux!

We played a couple of great Napoleon at War games today. We played a touch over 2600 points per side on an 8x6 table.  Hosted a great group of four players. Clay Smith was illin'.  Get better Clay!

We rolled a scenario out of the rules and played the Rear Guard scenario. The French were the attackers and the British were the defenders.  The scenario played out pretty well for the first game. The British team played a Heavy Cavalry Division with the multitudes of reserves available to it.  Got my first taste of Elite, Fearsome French Grenadiers a Cheval.  They were overstrength, elite, brave clean and damn sure reverent! Rusty brought out some really great looking French miniatures today. I was totally enthralled with his Dragoons and Lanciers. I'm thinking a Dragoon brigade would really look good on the table. Definitely an alternative to the usual Cuirassiers we field on both sides (French and Austrian) of our collections.  Rusty is moving into his house soon and we'll have two venues in which to game on the SOUTH SIDE of Dallas! Watch out...we're takin' over!

Post Launch of the British Heavy Cavalry-A grand void!
The British Heavy Cavalry division smacked down on French infantry in turn one and were then smacked down in turn 2. The first game was over by turn 3 as the French had occupied the British forward objective (not contested).  We decided to recycle the crushed forces and play a second game using the same terrain and objectives.  It was nip and tuck as both sides caused force morales.

The games ended after about 6 hours of elapsed game time.  We could have and probably should have played on to a visible conclusion but we were ready to call it a day.  It was over 70 degrees in Dallas yesterday and today it was sleeting, icing up and was about 25 degrees all day. We decided to call it since the roads were getting nasty and icing up.  We're planning on putting on our next game at Madness Comics in Plano on March 23rd. All are invited and welcome to play. Just bring some painted miniatures, dice and ruler and let's throw down!

Here's a brief (sorta') gallery of the action....
Brunswick and Dutch-Belgians finally decide to get to the battle during GAME 2!

British Reserves never arrived in GAME 1. The French won in game turn 3!

Dead Eye Shot Brunswick Artillery-New Line Miniatures

Brunswick Uhlans read the road sign and follow the directions!

Rusty and Scott plotting the demise of the Allies.  En Avant!

French occupy the Chateau de Brie!

Rear Guard action. British choose Right Flank. French choose balance. 

Scott and Rusty's French supported by Wurttenburger Arty.

Steve finds out the hard way the futile point of attacking a building in NaW

Scott is a GREAT teacher! I'm a teacher....I know good teachin'!

Grenadiers a Cheval vs. Scots Greys. Who will win?

Pre Launch photo of the British cavalry on the Frogs!

French initial forces-Game 1 and 2

Lonely British Heavy Cav Brigade

Pre Launch positions of the British Heavy Cavalry on those pesky Frogs!

Post launch conditions on the right flank

French initial deployment near the village of Fugpee

Rusty's French I think..they may have been Scott's. They all look alike to a Brit.

French advance on left flank-Game 1 and 2

"Not again...those damned British Heavy Cavalry"

Tex the Giant Schnauzer is a gamer and a pain in the butt for food

The Allies finally decide to arrive IN GAME 2! Brunswickers and Dutch-Belgians

Brunswick Light Cavalry Brigades shoulda' read the "road sign"

Thin Black Line-New Line Miniatures Brunswick "Black Horde"

Dumb Brunswick Uhlans pursue and get shot away by the French leaving a muttered expletive by the British player (me)

"I'll meet them with my Lanciers!"

French-Brunswick standoff in the Rat Palace Redux

Rusty's "killer" Wurttenburger Heavy Arty. battery.

Close up of Rusty's Wurttenburger "killer" arty. battery