OOP Orks...well maybe most are oop

I started digging out some of my 40K Orks today and getting pics of the older, more oop stuff I had. Turns out I've got a lot of old stuff. This stuff is at least 17 years old. I'm sure it will bring some cacklin' from the younger folk but hey; it's painted and ready to play.  Here's a gallery. Enjoy. I had a good time getting these miniatures out of the box. Stay tuned...I'm getting out the rest of my Orks and the Tyranids.


oop Armorcast battlewagons

bad moon Nob/Boss

Battlewagon and wannabes'

Goffs from Dark Millenium

Gretchen Mob

Deff Kopta 

Goff Warboss

Da' Killa Beez

Ork Kommandos oop

Ork'd Landraider MarkI

Don't mess with the Coral Snakes!

Mechaniak or Pain Boy I don't remember which

Mechanized Orks

Mega Armored Nobs (old school)

Ork Artillery Battery

Drednaut Old School. The first Ork I ever painted

Shok Attak Gunz

Ork Buggies...the Originals

Splatta' Gunz-Useless

Monster Orkified Trukk

Orks with heavy weapons. These were the days of "mas dakka"

Pulsa Rokkit Battery It will be fun to get them out again. They were dumb!

Another Runtherder with a Grabba' Stick (big Tazzzer)

Oop Skorcha' close up

Skorcha Unit...one just isn't enuf...

Squig catapults. More useless arty from Ork genius minds

Squigs!!!! Thanks Clay for them! I found them again. They still look goof but cool

Really old and sorta' old Stormboyz

Thudd Gun...you have one of these in YOUR army?

Newer Warboss. I like this figure best!

Mega Armored War Boss. I don't remember playing it but it was fun to paint!

Wazdakka...don't bring a bolt gun to THIS gunfight!

This Weirdboyz' head's gonna' explode...hopefully LOL!!

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