Saturday, July 12, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Battle at Chateau Mouton

We finally dusted off some of our 28mm Napoleonic collections today.  Had a great game! We used Clay Smith's homeconstructed rules called "Le Baton". (available on his website).  The rules are short, sweet and pretty much devoid of ancillary bs.  They follow a "step by step" system much like Died For Glory.  I like these rules because they're easy to learn, easy to play and very difficult to master.

We decided on playing French vs. Russians. Why? I guess because my Russians were in the display case and Clay didn't bring his Austrians.  That's how our group rolls.  We don't take much seriously.

The objective was the farm of Chateau Mouton.
It is the larger building on the bottom of the photo.  It was an older farm with outbuildings you can see on the top of this photo.  The French were on the attack.  The Russians on the counterattack and/or holding their position in true Russian fashion.

The French began the battle with an artillery bombardment of the Russian heavy batteries sited in the walled yard of Chateau Mouton.  This game thrives upon historical tactics. One must reduce unit efficiency and/or put gun batteries out of commission to even think of a successful assault.  Combined arms attacks are definitely encouraged as well as aggressive play.  The first phase of the battle revolved around the French assault of the Chateau. and the tough body blows given by both sides in "the farmyard".  The assault chewed through multiple French and Russian units and did not succeed until the latter stages of the game.
The Russian commander continued local counter attacks across the battlefield in an effort to stem the French advance.  The Russian flank commander succeeded in not only stopping the French but pushing their forces nearly to their initial deployment zone.  The Russians did not get to dice on their Heavy Cavalry Kurassier Brigade as their dice rolls were "run of the mill" (per Jack Young-old DFW Irregular gamer).
The right flank (from French perspective) was turned and swept by a Light Cavalry Brigade and associated Horse Artillery.  These figures are from the Limited Edition Dave Alsop box sets from Old Glory.

We ended the game as "generals" needed to depart. The Russians left the field in good order to the French.

This is just one of the many periods and collections owned by team members in our group.  If you would like be a part, drop me a line by clicking pilum40@sbcglobalnet

Here's a gallery of today's game.  You will see many manufacturers and some old friends such as Hinchcliffe, Foundry, Old Glory, Minifig and Front Rank.  You will also see some minitures painted by the late, great Peter Guilder.  This is our favorite period as a group. 28mm just rocks for scenic appeal, eye candy and pure "sex appeal".  Come join us and let's throw some dice!

French Heavy Battery in action

French Chasseurs ride through Russian Arty. The Arty did manage to get away
by rolling a 4+ on "The Heroic Action Card"

Hinchcliffe French Officer painted by either Peter Guilder
or Ed Phillips 

Dave Alsop Limited Edition French Light Cavalry Brigade 

Limited Edition Dave Alsop French Light Cavalry 2

Hard action at Chateau Mouton Grenadiers are vintage
Hinchcliffe painted by Peter Guilder or Ed Phillips

Heavy action in the farmyard

Classic Hinchcliffe French Lanciers riding to their doom up the road

French Brigade advancing on the Chateau Mouton farmyard

Russians stop the French cold at the old chapel

Second shot of French Lanciers. I really LIKE these miniatures!
Exquisitely painted and sculpted way back in the late 1970s-early 1980s

French Brigade wearing out some shoe leather 

French Artillery in action

Steve's Light Cavalry Brigade finally gets onto the table. Must
have been the Blue Moon!!!

Second definitely was the Blue Moon! My gaming
priorities are in the RIGHT place!

Clay, Justo, Rusty "into the fight"

Preston and Justo organize the French

Classic Hinchcliffe French Line Infantry-late 1970s-early 80s

pre-game 1

pre-game 2

pre game table for Battle of Chateau Mouton

My table doesn't use felt nor wedding cake hills. No doubts
where the crests of hills are or are not 

Steve's Russian Dragoon Brigade

Steve's Kurassier and "Crabs" Hussar Brigade...ok sue me...that
didn't come out right did it?

In this game, all are engaged. No waiting around for anyone
any time!

Russian Heavy Battery at Chateau Mouton

Grenadier Brigade, Light infantry, Heavy Gun
Steve's Russians

More Russians...they still keep on coming forward!

Maybe I should cut a base to make it easier to make a "square"
Nah...I'm a triangular player

Russians spread out to minimize effects of pass through fire.
You can't clump up in this game. Do it at your own peril!

Hero Russian unit smacked down the French at the windmill

Heavy action in the farmyard

Moutons! Why we fight!

Steve's Russian (I think Tsarina's) "Crabs" Hussars Old Glory figures

Russian Infantry.  Can't believe I was painting all these guys
with two cataracts.....guess they'd look better if I took more time right?

Overview of Russian initial position at Chateau Mouton