Tyranid Attack! 2nd Edition Nids You Probably Have Never Seen!

The Tyranids were one of the first 40k armies I built "back in the day".  They were fun; mindless, didn't take a lot of brain cells for "strategizin'" and just looked pretty bad ass when done.  I'm not a 40K sage or walking archive; but, these guys didn't get REALLY nasty until 3rd edition.  Sue me if I'm wrong!  Anyway, the newer stuff  I've seen from GW doesn't compare with the character and "look" of these figures. I guess coolness is in the eye of the beholder.  Anyway, this is one of the armies I'll play in 2nd edition games. It was a blast to paint! Keep tuned in. I'll post up my "beakie" Space Marines and Death Company army in the next couple of weeks.
112 Metal Hormagants! A Bug infestation!

Old School Biovores and Spore Mines

Blue Headed Carnifex

Lictor...nuthin' like it since 2nd Edition!

Hive Tyrant with Barbed Strangler

Malefactor-Long OOP from Armorcast

Armorcast Exocrine-Long OOP with Genestealers for size comparison

Gargoyle Swarm. I've got twice as many but they're in dire need of repair
Old School GW flying stands just suck!

Hormagants close up

I have a choice of Lictor colors...do you? 

Malefactor Again...I just like this model

Genestealers on a 2x2 square

Newer edition Carnifexes. Models given to me by David Jones.

More Biovores and spore mines!

Carnifex Depot

Old School Tyranid Warriors. They did have fat heads!

Warriors take up a lot of space!

Ripper Swarms before they became plastic models

More Genestealers!

Can't ever have enough Termagants in 2nd edition

Termagant Swarm

Zoanthropes when they looked cool

Trygon model (newer) given to me by David Jones.
My students think I'm weird when I display it in my classroom

Which Hive Tyrant do I want to use today? These
models are from 2nd Edition and before they were allowed
to "fly"(dumb idea)

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  1. Nice job on the Tyranids! I'm just getting into WH40k and have a batch I'm having painted basic black, so they look like a swarm from "Aliens."