Sunday, May 17, 2015

How Long Has It Been Since I've Played A REAL Ancients Game?

Steve Bidwell and I dusted off some of our classical ancients collections and threw down on Saturday night at the Rat Palace Redux in Red Oak, Texas. We introduced Rusty Parker to Might of Arms as well.  I've been playing several Dark Ages games lately such as Dux Britannium by Too Fat Lardies and Saga by Gripping Beast's rules group. I do like Dux and the period of Late Romano-Britain and the continuous raids of the Saxons.  I also like Saga but think the game was "played out" by the game of the week crowd at several local games stores before I had my collections completed. I started my wargaming addiction playing WRG 5th, 6th and a bit of 7th editions. I've missed the larger, massed battles our krew used to play with multiple army flavors and the look of massed battles on my game tables. 
Steve Bidwell brought his New Kingdom Egyptians while Rusty and I played Assyrians. Both armies have lots of missile weapons, a predominance of shock and light chariotry and big units of infantry.  The beauty of these rules is they're fast, furious and games come to striking conclusions as forces melt away via fatigue, shaken status and rout from other friends routing.
 This may seem a bit tedious to a newer gamer not used to playing more classic rules. That's ok. I just like more than 50 figures on the table at one time. My thinking if 50 figures is good, 150-200 per player is GREAT!  The game played true to form as Bidwell shot the crap out of my Assyrians that did not have many skirmishing elements. The game lasted five game turns in about 3.5 hours including teaching Rusty the game.  That rocks for me. I want to play more Might of Arms. It has and will continue to be my ancients game of choice.
Our collections consist of 25mm Hinchcliffe, Ral Partha, Garrison and some Foundry (some slingers I don't use much).  Here's a small gallery of the game. Please take a moment to join our DFW Irregulars-Southern Front Meet Up Group if you're interested in playing in the DFW area.  Our group rocks!
Assyrian Heavy Chariots crash into Egyptian Marines
Miller's favorite tactic....chariot traffic jam!

Battle Line Turn 2...these rules get one into melee QUICKLY!