Saturday, April 18, 2009

Play it again Sam-FoW Interlude

I've not posted in a while, work and health have gotten in the way. I watched the History Channel's "Patton 360" and got a wild hair in my nose for a quickie FoW throw down. I hadn't played any games on my new Terrain Guy Mat so it was a double opportunity to take a break from the ECW obsessive compulsive project and throw some bones.

I didn't want Clay and Steve Bidwell to "have to play" my 1940 French as Vichy French so I put in a couple of DAK companies. We kept the game down to 1000 points per player (4 players) so we would have some drivin' space. My Terrain Guy mat is only 8x6 so we played on a smaller table for a change. That part was different and gave folks some walk around room in the Rat Palace III. The 8x6 is large enough for a casual game but frankly is way too small for my tastes when playing much of anything else. I like to use all the table space available (16x6) whenever possible. I'm one of the "old schoolers" that relishes the sight of the table drooping in the center from the weight of the lead on the table!

The Allies started their run for the airfield (off table) and promptly lost their light screen. The Amis and Brits sent their attack in piecemeal and were chewed up and spat out by the "Goimans".

Good game and a good break.