Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ready for Black Powder Pike and Shotte ECW on the 22nd!

I'm ready for Black Powder/Pike and Shotte on the 22nd. I was pretty sure I had enough for at least two armies.  Yep...right arm! I've got two full armies as portrayed in the rules.  Here's how it breaks down.
4 Battalias of 3 regiments of horse-144 figures
4 Battalias of 3 regiments of pike/shotte-240 figures
2 Forlorn Hopes-small 12 figure units on single bases
2 Dragoon units and appropriate dismounts-mounted in skirmish order
8 artillery pieces
1 Mortar
1 Sharpshooter/Sniper
2 firelock units (for guarding baggage and/or detached to artillery unit
Generals and CICs for both Parliamentary and Royalist forces

All I need to do is add players and roll some dice. Here's a small gallery. Pictures are taken in my gaming house. It's called the Rat Palace Redux. It's located in Red Oak, Texas. Come over and let's roll some bones. You're always welcome!

Force A array 

Ordnance and Firelock Guards

Chas his own sef' with wrong flag

Forlorn Hope-A good use for extra figures HA!

All hail the yeoman clubmen!

Horse Battalia and Canary Dragoons

Horse Battalia and no Dragoons

Shot of Sandy Botond constructed windmill and horse wing

I'm a doctor not a general!

Typical size of infantry units-I'm making this my standard 

Give Fire!

Norwich Dragoons

Ordnance and sharpshooter/sniper

Why We Fight!

Infantry array

Horse wings face off

Warlord Artillery Set. Not too shabby for resin and metal 

Force B Array

Force A Array