54mm American War of Independence Collection 2015

I started my AWI 54mm journey several years ago. I've always really liked the period. I found All the King's Men miniatures and rules.  They are simple to learn and hard to master. I've not played a game to the same result to date.  I only use Flag Dude flags. The are printed on cloth and just rock! I'm nearly done with this collection. All I need to finish is a unit of British Dragoons, a unit of British Grenadiers and a Legion Light Infantry unit.  Contrary to popular wargamer's belief, a good number of my collection consists of Armies in Miniature and Accurate Miniatures soft plastics. See if you can tell the difference.  I'm sticking with 12-16 units per side for this collection. That should be enough. I also have 48 Woodland Indians. They are all Armies in Miniature soft plastics.
British Forces To Date

2nd Mass

Anhalt Zerbst

General Hard Knocks

Ben Franklin militia

British Infantry

More British Infanty

British Light Infantry

General New Guy

Green Dragoons

Hessian Grenadiers

Hessian Jagers

Hessian Fusiliers

General Fop

Mel Gibson and The Frenchman's Militia

Patriot Division

More Militia

New Jersey Continental Regulars

Carolina Regulars-Note the Bee Hive Flag

British Royal Artillery

Scots without Kilts

Sherborne's Regiment

Tarleton's Green Dragoons

Tarleton's Legion (Tories)

U.S. Marines and Continental Light Dragoons

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  1. Those are fantastic. I will bookmark this as a painting guide. Love the Beehive flag.