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Cool Dayz of 40K 
I was stunned at the costs and constant "version creep" of 40K. I like the game but don't like the fact that one has to have either an English (British) or Legal degree to play the game today. I lost interest when folks told me face to face that my figures could not be played in "modern tournament sessions".  I put them up and hadn't kicked around playing again until just lately. I've already complained about the ever increasing costs. I've got hundreds (literally) of 40K figures, vehicles and sundry "stuff" that has been collecting dust for years.  Our gaming group, The DFW Irregulars; was sitting around after a Napoleonics game and came to the conclusion that we really liked the game when it was fun. We decided to go backward rather than forward.  We're playing 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K.  Why?

  1. It was goofy and fun. The Orks would do crazy stuff to themselves as much as to the opponent
  2. We enjoyed it. The gaming community that moved on to the "latest and greatest" versions were mostly about kicking butts and winning every game.  2nd Edition just was about having fun.
  3. Our collections are painted. The current local game stores promote the hobby with unpainted figures. That's not our style. It is everyone's choice. I choose not to put unpainted figures on my gaming tables.  I do not allow unpainted or incomplete figures on my tables.  Does it make me a Paint Nazi or Elitist? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.  Anyone playing at my place knows the score. Everything's on the table. No surprises there.
  4. Playing 2nd Edition will give us another game outlet.  All are invited and welcome.  Just know the score and make the choice.  
Less than 2 fingers thick. 

Here's a small gallery of the rules stuff I have. I've snagged a complete NIB shrinkwrapped box set so we'll have all the cards, templates and a second set of rules. It wasn't cheap. I wonder if anyone else "out there" play this version?  I've already received feedback from the guy from whom I purchased the box set that "3rd revision was more balanced". I'm not concerned about balance at this point. I'm too old to worry about it. I just want to roll bones and have fun after a long day in the classroom with my students. 

Ere we Go!

This codex was really fun. The Orks were pretty smart; in a dumb way.  I just used to think of my Ork army as a bunch of Sly Stallones all speaking with a New York/New Jersey accent, mostly brain dead and totally fearless.  

Special Stuff

Here's all the special stuff. Didn't cost $50.00. Why did all the new stuff just price folks out of the market.  Guess it's like a an addict willing to pay whatever it costs to get a fix.  Ok....I'm an addict.  So sue me! 

Shooty, Smak Down Stuff

Here's the softcover book that has all the shooty, smack down stuff. Yeah, it was included in the box set too. Didn't cost another $50.00

Generic Army Lists

Generic Army Lists.  How long has it been since anyone just had a "generic" army to plonk onto the table.

I'll start taking pics of my Orks, Nids, and classic Space Marines in the next couple of days.  Some of y'all are too young to have ever seen these on the table. Most of my collection is way, way OOP.  Maybe because I'm way, way, OOP too!   Keep checking back!

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