2nd Edition 40K Game....Who are those Squats Anyway?

We played our first 2nd Edition 40K game in years...literally on Saturday evening 16 August.  Scott Clinton brought his Squats, Preston Buck brought his Nids and I brought my Orks.  We sure coulda' used another player or two to flesh out the side for the Squats. It was a tough evening for the short guys.  Scott elected to defend a set of buildings/cover and forced the Nid/Ork confederation to attack. We played 1000 points each.  This gives a good sized game to re-learn the rules, and frankly to have a great game.  There's a LOT different in 2nd edition than in 3rd or later versions. Some of it is a bit wonky but the stupidness of my Orks just makes it fun.  I want to thank Scott for bringing his Squats. I've NEVER seen them on a game table and have only heard game stories about them.
Hopefully we can keep the 2nd Edition "spirit" alive. I'm ready to see some Blood Angels, Imperial Guard and Ultramarines on the table next game.  Here's a gallery....again....it was a GREAT game!
Assault on Squatville

Nids and Orks

Big flame....probably the wrong template but y'all get the point...LOL

The Big Squat!

Funky box house with Roman era moat and palisade.  

Easy Squat Rider!

Squat Choppers!!

up on the roof!

More Stuntee Easy Ridahs!

Squat riders in reserve

Make me a sandwich!

Big head...big?

Squats at the Gates!

I don't see no Lictah!

Game table and the Big Squatter...

Shok Attak Guns...hmm...they're really goof


Red goes fasta!

Rippers be rippin...5 wounds each! Yeah!

A pre GW lawsuit Eureka Ogryn dude

More Shok Attak!


Where's the Squat?

Up on the Roof!!!

The heavy weapon is bigger than Squat...Too cool...I'm just jealous!

Sneaky Squats

On the Towah o' Deth

Cool bikers

Stealers be stealin'

I like Preston's use of Skateboard paint. These guys look cool!

Havin' a good time!

What the @@@@ are we doin' here? We're too old for this #$%6!

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