Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scattershooting while getting the Rat Palace Redux Ready for Semi Prime Time

I'm getting my game house ready for a Napoleon at War game next weekend. I'm stoked about being able to play here again. I'm just posting some generic "scatter shooting" types of shots of stuff that makes my collection special to me.

Here's a shot of one of my ECW/18th/19th/whatever century you want to use it for buildings. It was constructed by Sandy Botond. Sandy is a member of the Katy/Houston gaming group, and a master artiste! 

This is my Steve Barber Miniatures "not so colossus-eum" This was a BLAST to paint. Each spectator is just a little bit different. That's the beauty of Steve Barber's work.  I just set it back up for display this evening. I'll put gladiators, tigers, oh my back in it when I dig them out of the storage garage.

I think this is a Warlord Miniatures rocket battery for the Zulu Wars.  I painted this up for my Victorian War of the Worlds game. I used to have several of Herb Gundt's H.G. Walls Martian War Machines. They literally melted some years ago in the hot Tejas summer. The legs bent just like they were hit with the "heat ray". I have no idea where to go to replace the models. I've still got the bodies and the superstructures. The legs were just jacked up. Any help on finding these miniatures would be appreciated.  I think I bought the originals from RBLPS but I'm old and sometimes have "senior moments" (you call them brain farts).  Anyway, I've got 200+ classic Charles Stadden Zulu Wars British to fight the Martians and needed (yeah right) a rocket battery to get smoked by the Martians.   Hopefully, I'll find some more of the Martian War machines. None of the new stuff fits my 1970s Jeff Wayne's War of the World theme.  Nothing else will do.

I'll post up an AAR and gallery set of the NaW game next week. Stay tuned...and yeah...your mileage may vary!

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