Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cavalry on the way!

I painted 24 Heavy Cavalry and 3 Renegade Cuirassiers (Lobsters) over the weekend. Only 12 more to do in this bunch. Picked up a cool OG Artillery deal and another bag of OG Cavalry (I think they're command...I definitely can use them.
Am getting rather frustrated at the lack of information on standards carried by some regiments. I'm using Folorn Hope set of ECW scenarios and some of the flags and regiments just can't be found. I've also got Ede-Barnett's old Flags of the ECW paperback from the Stone Age. Can't seem to find them in there either. Where's the disconnect? Guess it's because it's been over 367 years since these forces were in the field.
I'm outa' here. Gotta' get an instructional presentation done.