Saturday, August 8, 2009

ECW Project Virtually Completed!

I'm down to the barrel scrapin' on the ECW project. I've got two units of Folorn Hope (1 per side) to get done. It shouldn't take long. There's only going to be 12 figs in the units. I'm going to paint them with multicolored jackets to represent "volunteers" for the Folorn Hopes. The last painting task is to paint the Royalist officers and King Chuck I. Almost there!

NEXT PROJECT??? Finish out the Saracens for my 1st Crusade collection. The Franks are already done. Just need to get spears, pennants and flags together.

I want to paint "silks". I remember an Armory line of "silk paints". Does Armory still produce this paint? If not, will Vallejo's metallic addition work to make a silk color? Any pearls 'o wisdom would be appreciated.

Now...on with the next project. Galleries will follow.