Monday, January 18, 2010

Warlord ECW Cavalry and Extra General Project Begins

I finally slogged my way through a unit of 28mm 1st Crusade Saracens for my Kingdom of Heaven project (definitely another post subject) and am starting to work on the ECW Cavalry box set and General from Warlord.

On first blush, the cavalry looks interesting and don't have all the fiddly parts that fat wargamer's fingers tend to pop off during a game. I was a little disappointed in the flat heads that force me to either give them a hat or a lobster helmet. I didn't spend $30.00 for the set to just have two options. I don't have the patience nor talent to sculpt tops of heads, nor do I want to take the time to cut and paste heads left over from the Pike and Shotte set; so that's a "half-point off" for detail in my book so far. Never can please a wargamer right?
The horses look a little plain without much character but we'll see once they've got some paint on them. It's probably because they are plastic. There's just something not crisp about the horse. Can't put my fingers on it yet. It must be my bias about metal miniatures. Who knows/cares right? Just paint 'em.
My initial reaction to the general is in a previous post. I'll close now by getting back to work. Keep checking back, I'll be posting progress and tidbits on what works painting wise with these figures. I tend to paint fast so please drop me a line if you don't understand a process or I confuse what I'm doing.