Sunday, October 5, 2014

Commemorative Air Force Expo 2014-Dallas Exec. Airport

We are very fortunate to have the Commemorative Air Force (late name...Confederate Air Force....politically correct strikes again....) national museum and headquarters relocating about 12 minutes from my home in the southern part of Dallas, Texas.  My Dad and I went out to the Expo today. It was a great day with some superb examples of aircraft and of the BEST GENERATION represented.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the complete collection relocated here in the near future. I found a post teaching-retirement "spot"....I want to be a docent when the headquarters opens!
Here's a gallery of the show today. I know this isn't my usual wargaming stuff but's MY blog right?  LOL  Enjoy
A20 Invader


B17s are cool and my Father in Law was a crew
chief on one in England!

Classic Lines...classic bird!

What the last thing a German
fighter pilot would see....

B24-pre Ploesti (no nose turret yet)

Great Nose Art

B25 with ghost girl nose art


Flight line view

Twin stingers of a Helldiver. These guys had
brass ones to do this!

Beechcraft Expediter in British D-Day colors 

Expediter's Radial Close up

Hell Diver's landing gear. It is massive!

Marine B25J-Check out the SHIPS sunk by this
Devil Dog!

Piper Cub Cockpit...barebones flying at its best!

My Dad and a P51D

Expensive Hobby!

Fairchild PT-19

Replica Zero used in Black Sheep Squadron TV Show

Fifi1-B29 was awesome!



B29-4.  I'da taken a ride but the $475.00/30min ride
was a bit steep for my teacher's salary.

Flight Line of Fame

Check out dem' toofs

Helldiver hydraulic wing folding mechanism

Helldiver2-this is the only flying example of this
aircraft left

check out the bomb hung a 500lb
bomb out in the air while the
plane was at a 40degree dive at over 300mph
We have no clue today....


 U.S. Marine Air-B25J Nose art

Norden bombsight position...yes I did ask
permission to take this pic 

My Dad and P51B Red Tail

split dive brakes

B25 front view

Tuskegee 1

Tuskegee 2

Tuskegee 3

Dad and the B25J

Helldiver once in a lifetime shot

Two generations of airmen

B24 Liberator-this plane was originally
designed as a seaplane

Bombadier's spot on a B25