Sunday, January 5, 2014

54mm French Hussars for All the King's Men

I painted a unit of 54mm French Hussars over the Christmas break.  These guys were a soft plastic boxset by Italieri. The main objection I hear from other gamers is that "54mm miniatures are so much more expensive than 28mm." I paid $20.00 for 8 figures.  You do  the math!  Here's a brief gallery of the unit. I really enjoy this regimental uniform. It is striking on the miniature war gamer's battlefield.  All pictures were taken at the Rat Palace Redux in Red Oak. The windmill was a gift from a friend of mine, Sandy Botond.  He is from the Katy, Texas area.  Perhaps you know him.  Enjoy....they were a blast to paint.  
6th Hussars

6th Hussars Pic #2

Horses available in the box set

En echelon!

Officer and Trooper

Officer #2 and second style of trooper

54mm Napoleonic Collection Update for All The King's Men

I've been working off and on a 54mm Napoleonic collection for Ken Cliffe's All The King's Men rules. I'm painting both French and British.  My plan is to paint a division of French and a division of British. I've heard several rumors about a Russian force bobbin' around the DFW area.  I am also curious about Cary Hocker's collection.  Karl Pajak says he's working on a 54mm force as well.  My project is well on its way.  If you're looking for great Napoleonic miniatures at great prices, Ken Cliffe's All the King's Men is the "drug of choice" for your addiction.  Here is a brief gallery.  The Rat Palace is in Red Oak, Texas. All pictures were taken in my gaming house.
British Infantry facing down Voltigeurs

All the King's Men French artillery set

Collection to date-these figures take a bit of painting to get right!

Who will win?

Thin Red Line waiting on their artillery support being painted

French Advancing!

General Poofah' leads his lines of Anglais!

Victrix French Voltigeurs lookin' good at the Rat Palace

French 6th Hussars

Victrix Voltigeurs straight from Funken 

Artillery and Hussars 2