The OOP Boyz Are Back In Town!

I dug out the rest of my Orks today. I was a bit stunned at the number of miniatures I've actually collected over the years.  My friend Clay Smith has at least twice to three times as many as I do but I'm just "doin' my part" right?   Here's a gallery of the Boyz to supplement the original gallery.  Enjoy. It was fun getting them out. NOW it's time to plonk them on the table for some 2nd Edition fun!

A few Boyz!

Same Boyz, different shot

Ammo Runt

Big Shoota' Boyz Not 2nd Edition but hell...they're painted!

Bikers-Old School!

Bikers Old School Again!

Warboss from Black Reach plastic set

Close up of da' Boyz

Mega armored Orks...again not 2nd Edition. I posted those previously

Metal Warboss! My favorite Warboss

Nob Hill

Rokit Boyz. Not 2nd Edition but cool anyway

Shoota' Boyz

Mo' Boyz!

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