28mm Bolt Action-The Crossroads at Justinbeiberville, 17 September 2015

One of my friends from San Antonio, Texas (a 5 hour drive from the Rat Palace) was up for several days working.  We managed to squeeze in a game on the 17th.

He had just completed a really cool Free French Partizan force. I twisted his arm to play it. I've only played a couple of Bolt Action games so it was definitely a learning experience for me.

We set up a fuel dump in the middle of town. Why? I don't know. The scenario just placed it there after a dice roll. Kinda' weird but hey, it was "beer thirty" at the Rat Palace. I didn't care!

We played until the last squad and last die pull. Six turn game. My force just went away.  Bottom line, I like this game but really do like Chain of Command much better. It is smoother and the pre-game patrol mini-game just makes things really cool in my opinion.  I'm playing Bolt Action because I can get a game locally (right now).  What would I change?  I didn't buy any bazookas for my list. I did buy a medium mortar. Mortar's out. Bazooka's in. I needed something to smack down a recaptured CharB-bis. Anti tank grenades/sticky bombs didn't get the job done!!

Here's a gallery! Enjoy! Again, I had a great time with a great friend and great game!

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