Thursday, November 11, 2010

54mm Mounted Completed

All the King's Men 54mm British General
War of 1812

Here's a pic of the All the King's Men British War of 1812 officer. First attempt at 54mm faces.

Lessons Learned:
  • Paint the face with a lighter "flesh color". This guy looks a little North African or Middle Eastern for a Brit in the field.

  • Decide whether to paint or not paint the eyes. I don't have a consistent method yet and don't like the raccoon look or the zombie eyes unless I'm painting zombies or zombettes
What did I like?
  • Easy to paint
  • Figure took highlight and lowlighting well
  • Plastic Horse took my "oil rubbed" finish well
What didn't I like?
  • Officer was thin..almost like a flat. Cool figure but just too emaciated in proportion to his legs and too "long" for the size of the horse
Here you have it!.