Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's Currently on the Painting Table

Here's a unit of All the King's Men 54mm Hessian Grenadiers-Regiment von Rall in progress.  I've found these figures to be just outstanding and a lot of fun to paint. We use Ken Cliffe's All the King's Men rules and find them to be fun, easy to learn but subtle in their challenge.  Highly recommended.  Peeking over their heads is a 15mm Early War (1940 France) 155mm battery for my 1940 French FoW army. Underneath them is a box set of Indians for the AWI project.  These are going to be fun to paint.  I've got to watch "Last of the Mohicans" to get into the mood.  Magwa will be the war party leader of course.  
On the right is a small archer unit for my Andalusian/Arab/Saracen Saga army.  I like the Saga rules.  The game mechanics are quick, but again as above, require some thought instead of line up, wind them up and watch them play.  I've got Normans and have wanted something different than the stodgy Vikings/Saxons/Irish/Scots that my friends have already painted.  When finished, the army will look great and quite colorful.  Hopefully my friends will "let" me play it

It's spear/lance/flagpole making time.  I finally found Clay Smith's anvil and brass hammer after several years. I really hate it when I put stuff up and forget where it located.  The process is simple, buy a bunch of 1/32" brass rod. Cut it to the size you want. Hammer the end flat. Clip the end into a point.  Be sure to warn your tabletop opponents that these spears will stick them.  Unsuspecting gamers have leaned over the table and came back with a gut full of 28mm pikes in the past.  Gives a good vision to one of our DFW Irregulars' sayings.... "gutcheck" (for those heftier wargamers).  Ok, it's time to cut 200-500 of these guys and get them done. I won't have to do this again for several years although my Normans need lances/spears, my Saracens need lances/spears, my 15mm Brunswick Uhlans need non bendable lances. 
Time to get to work eh?

The Rat Palace III Nearly Ready For Prime Time!

After a hiatus of about a year, my gaming house is being renovated.  A group of tree rats (squirrels) decided to make it their home. I replaced the original cheap arsed pressboard trim and fascia with Hardie Board trim.  It's a concrete mix and should keep the tree rats out.  The inside has been competely redone with new ceiling, and wallboard, fresh paint and a couple of ceiling fans.  My friend Clay will be glad to know the Texas Sized airconditioning unit is supported by more than an "Oak Cliff'd" support structure.  I'm still looking for some more display cabinets. You can see the wall mounted cabinets in the picture. I'd like to go ahead and get more but haven't found a source.  I'm looking forward to getting games going again. It's been a long time.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Baaaack....

I've let this blog pretty much die off for a while.  A great while.  I apologize for any and all that were following.  I haven't died.   Life and work have just gotten in the way.  I've been a busy bee completing American Revolution 54mm collections, and jumping off into Napoleon at War.  I'll be posting again if you're interested in keeping contact again.  Keep checking back.