Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Might of Arms Ancients on Black Friday! Relief from the Hype!

I'm planning on putting on a 25/28mm ancients game on Friday after Thanksgiving. We'll be playing Might of Arms. It's our rules of choice. Right now I've got a confirmation from Steve Bidwell (New Kingdom Egyptians) and a maybe from Clay Smith (no telling what he will bring). I'm playing Assyrians so we can have chariot wars.

Game will start at 12 noon and be over when we get tired. You don't have to bring any figures, just show up if you're interested. I still have a fridge full of liquid libations.

Game at the Rat Palace Redux: 222 Pierce Road, Red Oak, Texas.

Be there or get mobbed by crazy soccer moms in the mall!

1 comment:

  1. Have a great game Steve, wish I could make it up there but Momma has my day all planed out lol. I also have in 25/28mm ECW,tons of ancients,medieval, and Renaissance
    armies. we really should plan something I'm down by FT Hood, so not impossible.