Friday, November 29, 2013

Assyrians vs. New Kingdom Egyptians-Chariot Wars in 28mm Might Of Arms

Steve Bidwell and I played a good sized ancients game today at the Rat Palace Redux. He played New Kingdom Egyptians. I played Late Assyrians. We use our ancients "rules of choice" Might of Arms. We play 25/28mm figures only.  Here's some shots from the game.  My Assyrian collection is "classic" Hinchcliffe. I built this army in the early-mid 1980s. Steve Bidwell's collection is mostly Old Glory with some Hinchcliffe "classics" thrown in. There's nothing like a good, fast play ancients game. It actually took longer to put the figures on the table than it did to play.  

Here's some shots of the game. Enjoy
Sea Peoples and Egyptian infantry advancing
We played on an 8x6 table with 1500 points per player. I like the larger table and feel that 1500 points per player is do-able in an afternoon.  MoA facilitates the game by its clarity and straightforward mode of play.

Pharaoh's Guard repulses Assyrian cavalry

Pharaoh's Guard advancing

Sherden Warriors in the Woods!

Egyptian Infantry

Assyrian Guard Infantry-more classic Hinchcliffe miniatures

Assyrian Left Flank at beginning of battle

Pharaoh Bidwell tests the metal of his Chariot corps

Egyptians press through the hole left by the rout of the Assyrian infantry

Assyrian Heavy Chariots flanked-not having a good day today

Egyptian Light Chariots concentrate for the "mop-up"

Egyptian Line of Battle-Pharaoh Bidwell in Command

Egyptian Hordes advancing on the flank

Assyrian Heavy Infantry now Shaken, cannot stand to Egyptian Infantry

Heavy chariots press the Egyptian Marines

Death Ride of the Heavy Chariots!

Assyrian center dissolves exposing Heavy Chariot Panzers to Egyptians

Close up-1970-1980s vintage Hinchcliffe chariots

Assyrian Center begins to bend-Units shaken at the worst time!

Assyrian battle lines in position

Classic Hinchcliffe Assyrian Medium Cavalry

Assyrian cavalry charge home! 


  1. Fantastic looking game! Are the Sea Peoples figures Old Glory? If so, those are terrific sculpts!

  2. Jonathan: Yes they are Old Glory I believe. I'll verify with Steve Bidwell to be sure. I agree. It almost makes me want to paint New Kingdom Egyptian....almost! LOL

  3. Awesome, this is awesome! I love your armies, chariots are beautiful and Egyptian troops really stunning...A great, great report!

  4. Marvelous battle. I love the stream, how did you do the water efect please?