Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Pics From Petit Brioche-1940

Clay took some nice pics of our 1940 France game on Sunday. Several questions were asked about the map. I'm thinking one can get a better idea of our table with these pics than with a simple map. Our terrain is 3D rather than felt, wedding cake hills or hexes. All the pieces are interchangable and are indexed.


Thanks Clay!

Another question came up about the Soumas. The Early War FoW French list has an attached tank platoon as a support choice for the Fusiliers/Dragons. That's the place in which I put them. I hosed my friends again (they continue to indulge me) by using some H35s for recce/light cavalry tanks because I didn't know where to get AMR35s. Now I do, that will be remedied.

Anyway, hope this help clear up some of the questions...perhaps generate some more?

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