Monday, May 25, 2009

Petit Brioche-1940

My favorite Flames of War game is France 1940. We played a smaller scale game on Sunday. Forces: French DCM Companie versus a Boche Schutzenkompanie. The French held a series of entrenched positions supported by a platoon of Souma S-35s. The Germans were quicker and faster and well supported by artillery. The French were out tubed and out shot.

The game was fun and followed history. Blitzkrieg versus French WW1 mindset. The Germans blew through the French lines with relative impunity taking acceptable losses.

Thanks to Clay and Scott for indulging my FoW fancy. Early war is the best period for Flames of War. Anyone can lumber around in Tigers, JS3s, etc. It takes brass huevos to play tinclad armor and trained infantry (French). If you missed this game, you missed a good time!

Below is the situation and scenario sheet given to the players. Try it, you'll like it!

Le' Petit Brioche

1940-Somewhere in France
On the Road to Calais


May, 2006

General Situation:

The French General Staff is in total disarray since the Germans punched through the Ardennes. A firebrand named Erwin Rommel is reported to have split the BEF and the French Northern Corps and is moving rapidly toward Calais. The Staff's indecision has cost valuable time and has also scattered meager armored resources throughout France. If the Germans reach Calais, the battle for France is over as the government and people of France are despondent and weary of defeat.

German Objective:

Take and hold the strategic crossroads town of Le' Petit Brioche for follow on forces racing to Calais. You have 12 game turns to accomplish your mission. Rommel is in command. His special magic powers apply in this game.

French Objective:

Hold the strategic crossroads town of Le' Petit Brioche for 12 game turns to give Northern Corps time to reorganize the Calais line.



You've been given command of an ersatz schuztenkompanie. You may call upon a reduced Panzerkompanie as follow on reserves. (1 HQ-2 Early MkIVs, 3 Lt Panzer Platoons-3 Pz38Ts) after turn 2 as per FoW rules. You have 3 dedicated Luftwaffe sorties for your mission. Use them wisely

You've been given command of one of the last intact Escradron de Fusiliers company. Your infantry is all Metropolitan and may entrench on a roll of 3+

You may hold up to ½ of your force in reserve. You've been ordered to NOT fortify the town as it's destruction would swing public opinion rapidly towards defeatism and surrender.


  1. The French force list doesn't mention the Somua's?? Can you post a map as well? I reckon the French must have stood a reasonable chance if those were short barrel Pz IV's against 55m (??) of frontal armour - even with the benefit of supperior tactics and radio's...

    Sounds like a cracking game, though - I'm with you, early war is best all round... :)

  2. Take a look above at latest post. I think I addressed your Souma question. The French do have a reasonable chance if their commander (me) didn't have a terminal case of crainial-rectal inversion! Take a look at Clay's pics. They should give you a clearer idea of the game table. It really was dinky...8x6.