Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ECW Project Milestone-Five Months!

It's been a couple of months since I last posted on the ECW project. Been in the hospital and getting classes done for the summer break.

Ok...here's what I've got done to date...I started this project in January, 2009.
96 Heavy Cavalry-Old Glory, Dixon, Foundry
24 Cuirassiers-Foundry, Old Glory (yeah I know there were only two regiments-I've got 'em both-they're fun to paint!)
24 Dragoons with Dismounts (12 each for both sides)
8 Artillery Pieces (in field works)
10 Reload Markers (musketeers reloading)
8 Hit Markers (dead guys)

Am working on the infantry now. My goal is to get 10 regiments of foote (18 figs/regiment)done in the next two weeks. The goal is to have the army done, play a couple of games and get the rules down before our annual Skirmish '09 Games Day on July 11, 2009. It can happen. It's good to have a summer break.

Click the title or click here for the ECW gallery.


  1. What rules do you plan to be using?

    I ask because the ECW is one of my (very) long range projects.

    -- Jeff

  2. We're using Victory without Quarter by Clarence Harrison-Quindia Studios. It's easily taught, easily learned and a quick play. You may get the rules directly from Clarence at http://www.quindia.com/studiogalleryecw.htm

    He's one of the best painters I've seen. Puts my stuff to shame. I'm frankly just a dabbler-he's a painter!

    Enjoy! I'll post up more stuff as I get it done over the next several days. Please let me know if it becomes tedious. I'm just having fun putting the army together!