Saturday, April 26, 2014

English Civil War Mini Campaign-Pike And Shotte!

I've really enjoyed learning the Black Powder Pike and Shotte rules. So much so, I dug out my old copy of Warhammer English Civil War rules and scraped out the campaign system.  

This is a very easy campaign system to play. It's set up in "seasons" (sorta' like a Football or Soccer season) where the players set the number of games in the season and play these games out. Winners and losers generate some really interesting results.  

Let me know (DFW area folks or Texas folks if you like road trips!) if you're interested in playing this mini-campaign.  You won't need figures, rules, or diddlee-squat unless you want to paint specific units, generals, etc.  I'd like to get started on the campaign on the second weekend in June and play it through periodically through the summer.  The game map will be on the wall at the Rat Palace Redux in Red Oak.  I'm not planning on taking the campaign on the road at this time. 
Here is a link to the game rules, map and files.  They're on my Google Drive. Please let me know if you're having difficulty accessing them. click here for file access.


  1. Steve,

    I'm afraid that commuting from Canada is a bit beyond me . . . so please help me out by being sure to post plenty of photos of your ECW games.

    One thing that I DO RECOMMEND with all rule sets is to add a "take photos now" step to the turn sequence. Believe me it does help when you read that step.

    -- Jeff
    PS, I currently have close to three hundred ECW foot primed and on painting sticks.

  2. Nice Steve. Count me in! Unfortunately I don't think my Scots will be finished for the start up.

  3. might want to come on down during your long long winter! "I'll take your "impudent advice sir" (one of my favorite lines from "Waterloo" about the photo step. Thanks!

  4. Are you planning a generic Scots force or are you taking sides in the "War without Enemies" sir? LMK and a Scots batallia may find its way to your collection. :)