Saturday, April 26, 2014

Casualty Counters for Black Powder Pike and Shotte!

 I read a great post from Brian Smaller on The Miniatures Page recently.  He used these casulty counters for his Napoleonic collection and game.

Being the thief of good ideas, I snatched the URL and promptly ordered 24 of them (to start). I had several ECW casulties and guys falling down already finished out. I put them on these counters. Liked the result so I ordered a bunch more casualties from Warlord Games. These counters are like Heroclix counters my son played (still has I do believe). Instead of littering the game table with multiple poker chips, disorder and shaken counters; we'll only have counters, disorder and shaken markers.  I'll upgrade those pesky markers when this part of the project is done.

Here's a closer up shot. I apologize for the painting. I painted these guys when I had cataracts. you can see how the markers work.

Another shot of the marker.  You can get them from

Here's the URL:  www.

Oh yeah, they make other cool stuff too like wagons, carts, sheep, chickens and definitely some Longhorn cattle for my ECW/30 Years War games.

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