Saturday, August 17, 2013

Skirmish Game Day-August 31, 2013! 

Skirmish Game Day is a DFW area games tradition.  We're having this year's Game Day at Area 51 Games and Collectables in Grapevine, Texas.  Most genres will be represented.  Several Napoleonic games and a SAGA tournament will be held.  

I'm putting on the "Battle of Yasgur's Farm". It's a direct rip-off of the campaign against Cornwallis leading to the Battle of Yorktown.  Cornwallis has split his forces to pursue the motley crew of Rebels.  The rebels have stretched out the British along the route of march.  The rebels turn and attempt to defeat the British in detail.  This battle occurs along the clearing known as Yasgur's Farm. The rebels hold the sizable farm known as Woodstock or Yasgur's Farm.  The British must clear the rebels from the farm, obtain victuals and move to crush the main rebel force approximately 2 days march away.  

I'm using All the King's Men rules and playing the game on a 12x6 table. The rules are fun, easy to learn and subtle to master.  If you live in the area and/or just want to make a day trip to the DFW area, please take a look at our main site.  We're looking forward to seeing YOU!

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