Saturday, February 7, 2009

ECW Painting Progress To Date

Here is a little painting progress on the ECW project to date. My photography skills are not very highly honed so these will have to do. My camera is an old Sony 2.1 megapixel monster. It works and is paid for so that's what I use.

As I've blogged before, my collection is a combination of OG, Foundry, Renegade and whatever strikes my fancy via Bartertown and EBay I also recommend Lead and Dice. It's a pretty cool site that apparently does the searching on EBay for specific periods and types of miniatures.

Below is a down and dirty gallery of some various and sundry ECW units and subjects. All were taken in the Rat Palace III. It's my game house in Red Oak, Texas. I've got a 16x6 table with over 200-2'x2' terrain squares. They are completely indexed and fit together superbly. The Rat Palace is a great place to play. It has spousal amenities such as an adjacent pool, hot tub/spa room , multiple patios, adjoining cabana and covered arbor. I'm pretty blessed that's for sure. Anyway, keep checking back for ECW army progress. As posted below, the first 3 units of cavalry are primed and on the painting block.

Gallery Stuff
Typical ECW Planning by Committee

Artillery Line
Red Dragoons


Lumbering Limber
More Lobsters

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Last Artillery Shot..'bout time eh?


  1. Good looking work. I'm embarking on the TYW period myself. You can see some of my work here

    Keep up the great work!