Thursday, February 5, 2009

Artillery Moving Foward

The project is moving forward. I've constructed the wooden "supports", added the static grass and "slopped in" some different ballast and medium rocks.

The "supports" got painted with Vallejo's Game Color Cobra Leather (stupid name). I couldn't stay away and Minwax'd the supports. They look good and will look better when they're highlighted. The plan is to add some cannon balls-double ought buckshot shot works just fine for that chore. Still need to find some 25/8mm buckets or small barrels. They can always be added later. Sometimes too much on a stand can detract from the model IMHO. The basing took a little more time than I thought; I've posted before that I'm used to Vallejo's PumiceThis is a fun project so far.

I'll post up some pictures of the project on some of the terrain over the weekend. Bear with me on the pics...I just took them while the models were on a piece of sheet steel, illuminated by my painting lamp.

I'm stoked!

Project in Progress


  1. Some of the "beads" that craft stores sell have good barrel shapes . . . take a look.

    I also posted some links on OSW in response to your post there with accounts of two playtests of "Victory Without Quarter" . . . they include comments from Clarence.

    -- Jeff

  2. Looks great - I will drop by soon...
    best wishes

  3. Great stuff. ECW was my first wargaming period, way back in the vey early seventies. The finished emplacments look great. But, (there's always a but ;-)) some piccies of emplacements under construction would be good too. Keep up the good work!

  4. Very nice start Steve, the miniatures look great!

  5. Very nice start Steve, the miniatures look great!