Monday, August 18, 2014

Westfalians March Out and Shoulda' Marched Back on the Shelf!

Greg Horner and I played a great Napoleon at War game on Sunday, 17 August.  Greg played my Brits. I proudly marched out my new VIII Corps.  Greg kicked my butt soundly!  Great game Greg!  I played the VIII Corps as "conscripts".  That was a lesson well learned.  Quality has a quantity all it's own. Greg brought the Brunswickers. I made a huge error and played timid. Don't know why. Usually it's pedal to the metal, get across the field and see how the dice tumble.  Greg took great advantage of my weirdness and subsequently gave the "Eaters of Ham" a British boot in the arse! 
What did I learn from this game?  Greg's damn good at Napoleon at War.  I'd better play more and see if I can catch up.  It's pretty cool to have both sides ready so folks can just pop in and play without having to deal with painting, dice, rulers, terrain and all those things that modern gamers whine about. (Rant button off now).

Here's a gallery of the definitely was fun. I need to play more Napoleon at War. I've moved somewhat to the bad habit of "game of the week". It showed in my lack of tactics in this game.  There's always next time right?
Order Mixte looks pretty...

Left Flank Brigade with Heavy Cavalry

British Right Flank Brigade

British Cavalry Arrive!

Napoleon at War British Horse Artillery

Some of my Brits

Brunswicker Arty (New Line Miniatures)

Brunswick Infantry (New Line infantry)

Heavy artillery in central position

Order Mixte...almost...LOL

Heavy and Light Cavalry Bdes.
(Napoleon at War Heavies, New Line Lights-they mix just fine!)

Carabiners and Cuirassiers prepare for their Death Ride!

Cavalry is prepared. Combined arms time...yeah right! HA

Light Cavalry order Mince

Napoleon at War Cuirassiers stop before leaving the field without
taking a casualty....wussies!

Napoleon at War Brits navigate the Crack in the World!

British column...

No one's goin' to Mass today!

Pre-Game at the Rat Palace Redux. 

Three Rat Palace Redux "guards"

Napoleon at War Scots Greys

Scots Greys slicing Ham...eaters! 

Lots of Ham Eaters!

Order Mixte is pretty...but can they fight?  Jury's still out!

The Thin Red Line bows but does not break

Westfalian Chevau Leger Lanciers
(New Line Miniatures)

Heavy guns in central position

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  1. Ah, to fight with conscripts and lose is to be expected. To fight with conscripts and win is to have bragging rights for a long time. Keep on keepin' on!