Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Break Painting Marathon-Part 2-Pike and Shotte Casualty Markers and SHEEP!

I finished out the casualty markers for Black Powder Pike and Shotte. I stole the idea from Brian Smaller's post on The Miniatures Page.  I used Warlord Pike and Shotte casualty figures with a couple of Old Glory I had already painted.  This is a straight up process, the manufacturer is easy to work with. If you need to keep up with numbers of casualties, this is the way to do it!  Highly recommended.

Warlord makes some pretty cool "eye candy" items for folks whose collections are pretty complete.  I ordered and received a shepherd diorama and a surgeon diorama.  Here's the shepherd and the sheep; keep your troops under tight discipline, no buggering the sheep or the shepherd!  That is all!

Sheep and Mr. Wilson

Warlord dead guy laying down (duh)

Warlord guy shot in the...uh...gut.

Another laying down dead guy from Warlord

Another and last picture of yet another guy shot in the uh...gut. Seems that
being gut shot is a Warlord thang....LOLZ

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