Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Rat Palace III Nearly Ready For Prime Time!

After a hiatus of about a year, my gaming house is being renovated.  A group of tree rats (squirrels) decided to make it their home. I replaced the original cheap arsed pressboard trim and fascia with Hardie Board trim.  It's a concrete mix and should keep the tree rats out.  The inside has been competely redone with new ceiling, and wallboard, fresh paint and a couple of ceiling fans.  My friend Clay will be glad to know the Texas Sized airconditioning unit is supported by more than an "Oak Cliff'd" support structure.  I'm still looking for some more display cabinets. You can see the wall mounted cabinets in the picture. I'd like to go ahead and get more but haven't found a source.  I'm looking forward to getting games going again. It's been a long time.


  1. Sounds great, I'll have to make the drive north from the FT Hood area one day!