Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is the Warlord Essex General Worth the $9.00 USD?

Gees...I began rummaging through the Warlord stuff I got from the spousal "Ms. Claus" and my jaw dropped when I noticed the price tag on the Warlord ECW General Essex figure. $9.00 USD? This is GW pricing. This guy has no special magic powers, no extra power weapons, just a floppy hat, some "lobster armor" and a horse that wasn't quite inspiring. The figure was cast in a brittle metal with some cleaning points that had to be trimmed down on the horse as well as cleaning out the neck/reins area. This is not usually an issue but at $9.00 USD, I expect more quality.
I'm probably not going to purchase any more Warlord metal figures unless the price comes down about $4.00 USD to $5.00, the metal isn't the brittle stuff that won't last over time interacting with fat wargaming fingers, and could be purchased in a box set of generals as per their plastics.
I guarantee my Essex will look better than the gallery picture from Warlord. That is a perfect example of "wargaming standard". least they could have painted the damn miniature to look good. It's an omen folks! :)


  1. I like the Warlord plastics but haven't purchased any of the metals. Have you tried the new Black Powder rules? I like them a great deal - I'm using them with 6mm ACW

    I saw in your calendar a FIRST robotics event (I think it was FLL). I coach my son's team for the middle level robotics competition - FTC. We organized the team through his Boy Scout troop as funding for the program was dropped by his school.

  2. Cool! I'm the coach for both FLL and First Robotics Challenge. I'm up to my ankles in alligators right now!

  3. Perhaps after the season we could chat. Our team is thinking of moving up to the First Robotic Challenge but it seems to be a bit intimidating - I'm an economist by training!

    Good luck with your competitions!