Friday, November 27, 2009

Renaissance Break-Earthworks/Fieldworks

Renaissance Break!
I put this Italian Wars period field works set together a couple of years ago. I used GW Empire figures as I was building a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dogs of War army. As all things GW go, I outgrew that silliness and kept most of the figures. They work well for Pavia period artillery and crew. I'm upgrading the crew, gonnes but keeping the general design for general Renaissance, Thirty Years War and ECW usage.


  1. interesting that you refer to Games Workshop as an illness - I had something similar happen with a40k Kroot Army I built until somebody said oh they only allow 20 figures of those per Tau army, So I still have tons a Kroot, going to use them as VSF martians I think next, or VSF Boxers
    Always enjoy your blog.

  2. Interesting that you call Games Workshop an illness - I went through something similar with Kroot and Dogs of war, but purists demanded Tau armies or GW figures only for Dogs of War. Now I use The Kroot for a VSF Martian game I am putting together, or VSF zulus/boxers. Always enjoy your blog. I got a bunch of miedeval gunners and WFB artillery left overs as well.