Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little work done over the weekend and tonight plus a stupid artillery question

I've finished 24 of the next 36 cavalry and will start basing them this week. Am glad I started with the cavalry instead of the infantry. Didn't think that a goal of 96 cavalry would be that big of a deal since I'm used to painting masses of Napoleonic cavalry. I MUST be getting old or more easily distracted. Lots of Copa Mundial qualifier games on this weekend. I got to see the Wayne Rooney show Sunday. Looked down and the second group of 12 cavalry were still sitting there on the painting table. Worked tonight during the Argentina-Venezuela rout. It was the Messi-Tevez show tonight. Argentina looks pretty tough in the midfield and striker areas but their defense is getting a little long in the tooth. Am waiting for Brasil-Argentina qualifier to see what these guys are really made of. Maradona or not, Argentina looks to be the team to beat in 2010 right now.

I did finish 6 anti-papist generals (Old Glory general pack), picked up 40 "clubmen" off of Ebay, got them in tonight-didn't open the box yet. Want to get that cavalry DONE before starting the pop off the base/touch up/repaint and rebase them project. They're all "old school Minipig" so they'll be ugly pieces of crap on the table together. Hopefully they won't last long in the scenario I've got picked for Skirmish '09.

Will post up pics of the generals this week. They've got their sand bases glued down so that will take 24-36 hours to dry then drybrush, then static grass them. One annoying thing about OG general sets is the name plate for each figure. Makes the figure look cool but they're just annoying and take up base space. Oh well, they 're done.

Artillery question for you more knowlegible folks. Were all ECW gun batteries emplaced before battles or did they actually use light guns as did Gustavus Adolphus? I've built some cool emplacements and just wanted to know if I could get away with some non-emplaced guns like behind earthworks (hasty fieldworks, etc.) and out in the open. One school of thought is that I should do them the way I want to...none of us were there. The other school is to read the frakking artillery manual for the period. Any sources help around? Caliver Press? The Perry Bros.?

I'm going to bed. The quarter sized hailstorm just rolled my fat arse outa' bed. Gotta' 0530 wake up call in the AM and it's 1236 now. Nothing like teaching with no sleep. Guess I can always make them read the book...NOT!

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