Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dragoons, Lobsters and Artillery

I've completed the Dragoons for both sides. Painted mounted and dismounted Dragoons. They're Old Glory I've also painted up two stands of Lobsters. I've received a "tres" of Renegade Miniatures' Lobsters in a trade. They're pretty large in comparison to the Dixon and Old Glory I have. I'm planning on making them work. The figures are sweet and will paint nicely.

Have been trading and picking up stuff via Bartertown, Ebay, and The Miniatures Page. Have collected approximately 90+ cavalry. My original plan was to paint 48 cavalry per side. That will give me 4 units of 12 per side. I'm painting them with removable flags to use for both sides.

After looking and looking at Clarence Harrison's ECW artillery positions, I've started building mine "just like Clarence's". In this case, imitation IS the most sincere form of flattery. His stuff is super! I won't come close to his artistic touch but will have some super looking artillery! Thanks Clarence for the inspiration. Thanks to Allen Eldridge-The Terrain Guy

Clarence's artillery emplacements sport a wooden "floor" support. I figure Clarence probably built them from balsa since he's a true artist. Being a war gamer, I went to Hobbytown, found some Plastruct flat siding. Cut the sheets to fit, primed and painted them. More than one way to skin a cat. I'm really just a lazy fat bastard!

I've co-opted another DFWIrregular to join up in the 17th century chaosium. He's putting together Scots. That will be cool since the Scots provided regiments to both sides during "the unpleasantness" Hopefully he will post here as well on his progress. I do want to thank him for building the cards we're going to need to play Victory without Quarter. I'm looking forward to seeing some of his pictures as his project takes shape.

Later....I've gotta' go work on artillery batteries.


  1. In order to minimize the difference in cavalry size, simply put a layer of something (balsa, pennies, whaterver) underneath the figure of the shorter cav (thus making the base higher) . . . and keep them in separate units.

    This will help disguise the difference in size.

    -- Jeff

  2. ...the cheaper option for "Plastruct flat siding" is to go to your local Starbucks and pick up a few of their wooden stirrers... perfect...! :o)